Why Do Businesses Need Space Management Software?

17th November 2017 | Hawkeye Web

For any organisation, reducing costs and increasing efficiency is a key priority. Managing your space however can be a time consuming and often daunting task, especially if you don’t have access to a good Space Management software and your facility is large and complicated with several stakeholders. These challenge are particularly relevant to the NHS, Universities, Corporate sectors and Local Authorities as delivering key services with less space becomes a key driver to reduce costs. For these reasons, Micad has always been a leader providing effective Space Management Software to the NHS, Universities and wider organisations. With the Micad IPR3.5 space management software, you can create an accurate and reliable dynamic space register from CAD plans that become a single version of the truth in so far as what your built environment physically consists of. This coupled to a departmental and room function database enables users to understand exactly what the space consists of, who uses them and what for. Having this level of information is now a requirement of recommendations referred to in the NHS Carter and Naylor reports. When adding the Micad Room Utilisation Module, space can be traded between departments which enables a reduction in occupancy costs and allows monitoring of rooms that are vacant or in use and much more. Simple, user friendly and accessible online at any time..

How does the Micad IPR3.5 Space Management Software work?

Our Space Management Software is designed specifically to make your job easier and to reduce costs for your organisation. Supporting both ERIC returns in the NHS and EMR returns in the University sector, our user-friendly platform allows you to efficiently manage your existing space and occupancy, all whilst increasing productivity throughout your estate. The software utilises accurate CAD floor plans and reports to provide users with a precise, real-time overview of the space at your disposal. Through this, users are able to rationalise spaces, including assessing desk numbers and occupants, room vacancies and reviewing high risk areas such as areas which require ongoing Asbestos Management or maintenance. Perhaps the biggest benefit of using our Space Management Software however is its efficiency. From the web based platform which is fully secure, you can run reports and review core data instantly. This means that you have more time to focus your attention elsewhere, helping you optimise the running of your estate.

Space Management Software

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So, if you’re looking to make your space management more efficient in terms of time, cost and resources, look no further than our IPR3.5 or Micad4 Space Management Software. To date, our Software is used to manage 88,000 buildings nationwide and we have over 5,000 registered users. To find out more about how you could also realise your space management objectives, please contact us today to request a demo – a member of the Micad team will also be able to answer any questions that you may have.


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