Room Utilisation & Booking

Maximise the value of space within your estate by building an accurate and instantly accessible record of utilisation.

Visibility across utilisation allows you to identify trends in usage, pinpoint opportunity space and re-purpose rooms to ensure that you are maximising the value of your space to the best of your ability.

So easy, you'll be booking rooms in no time

Room Utilisation App

Unique capabilities

Driven by the accurate CAD space records in the IPR, the Room Utilisation Module (RUM) enables you to select which spaces can be made available for bookings and what charges apply at what times. Booking requests can be made via an easy to use room request portal that can be used on a tablet or desktop.

 Space can be allocated centrally or requested remotely with user rights controlling the number and type of spaces available to individual bookers. The programme automatically confirms bookings by email directly to the client and supporting staff with full time, cost and location detail included. Utilisation schedules provide both space charge statements and full usage analysis. With our Room Utilisation app, space management has never been easier.

and another thing...

The Room Utilisation module also has a hot desk booking function that can be applied to individual spaces. As the RUM is directly connected to the IPR space management software database, accurate up to date room registers are used as the basis for all bookings. The graphical report engine in the IPR can also be utilised to show where bookings are present on live CAD floor plans.


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