Property Management Software for Higher Education

Used by some of the most prestigious and forward thinking Universities in the UK. Micad allows you to capture and collate accurate data on the utilisation, condition and quality of your facilities and premises, so you can improve the environment that you offer to both students and staff.

With so many students and staff on campus at any one moment, universities and colleges across the UK must rationalise and make the best use of the space at their disposal in order to meet increasing daily pressures, both academic and economic. The good news is that with the help of Micad, you can manage your estate professionally and efficiently.

Micad software is used daily by a range of universities, colleges and schools nationwide to help estate managers to manage their built environment for a range of property disciplines. Designed with your exact needs in mind, our innovative software allows users to capture, collate and analyse accurate sets of information so that you can improve the quality of the learning space that you offer to students. Users can view and analyse live floor plans, view occupancy breakdowns, manage and review maintenance tasks and much more.

Leaders in the University sector

Micad allows universities and colleges to store, access and distribute a wide set of data to better manage departmental occupancy and building condition. It provides specific tools to help with the collection and collation of EMR data via the web.

The ability of the IPR and CAFM HelpDesk to display room related data on a live floor plan means that users have access to unrivalled levels of information via their web browser.

Key benefits for Universities using our software include:

  • Access to accurate space data
  • Benefiting from a more efficient use of space
  • Access to up-to-date occupancy information
  • Clear and precise baseline data for space charging
  • Room booking software
  • Access to historic and current building appraisals and condition surveys
  • Access to market leading asbestos software
  • Achieve a greater level of compliance management
  • The best cleaning auditing application


  • We offer a fully hosted solution which can help you to achieve a cost and time effective approach to managing your data
  • You can join the Micad University User Group: Network with other like minded professionals working within your sector
  • Receive access to a wealth of University orientated reports giving you more time to analyse and less time to set up
  • There’s no need to waste time fitting a square peg into a round hole: Our software is specifically designed for the Higher Education sector



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