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With Micad’s IPR3.5 space management software, you can efficiently manage your space and occupancy from one user friendly platform.

Space Management Software Designed with Your Needs in Mind

Designed to make your job easier and more cost effective, our space management software utilises accurate CAD floor plans and reports to provide you with a clear and precise picture of the space at your disposal. This helps you to mitigate the risk of void occupancy whilst allowing you to rationalise your space to generate a better return on property assets. All vital information such as space usage including desk occupants, floor plans, areas with asbestos risks and restricted areas is reported on in real-time.

Easy to Use & Easy to Implement Space Management Software

At Micad we understand that space management can be a time-consuming task, especially if you rely on hard copies of floor plans and reports which require regular updates. For this reason, we take great pride in providing clients across the UK with our powerful multi-user space management software which is easy to use, easy to implement and very cost effective. With Micad, gone are the days of filing plans and reports away and manually updating them as with our space management software, you can stay in control of the space at your disposal with just a few clicks.

The software allows users to create a 5-tier property structure consisting of regions, sites, buildings, floors and rooms to provide users with a complete breakdown of their estate. This is especially beneficial for large estates such as University campuses and hospitals and health care centres. No matter how complex your estate may be, Micad’s space management software guarantees to streamline your actives by connecting all aspects of space and facility management. Currently our software is used to manage 88,000 buildings nationwide.

space management software

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If you are looking to revolutionise your space management, why not try out a demo of our space management software today? Designed with your daily needs and requirements in mind, our software allows users to use a range of tablet devices to collect their core space data quickly and efficiently – instantly saving you money, resources, and time. For more information about our software, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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