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Asbestos Software from Micad

Did you know that our asbestos software is used to manage over half a million asbestos items in over 60,000 buildings nationwide? This number is increasing daily and here at Micad, we can understand why.

Tried, tested, and trusted, the Micad Asbestos Software Module is an industry leading asbestos management tool which makes risk assessments and asbestos management simple, easy and manageable.

With over 25 years’ industry experience and knowledge, we provide clients with an end to end solution when it comes to asbestos management and annual re-inspections. Our software is completely client focused to ensure that you truly benefit from, and understand, your asbestos management reports. Currently, Micad asbestos software is used by a range of organisations and clients including, but not limited to:

The need for Asbestos Software

Highly durable and heat resistant, asbestos was once the choice material for a range of products and building materials. Today however, asbestos is classed as a highly toxic material which is strictly regulated.

The problem here however is that as asbestos was so widely used, it can still be found in many homes, hospitals, educational facilities, industrial sites, and commercial buildings. Although the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) states that if your building was built after 2000 it is highly unlikely to have asbestos, knowing for certain can be difficult. This however, is where Micad’s asbestos software can help.

With the Micad Asbestos Module, which utilises the Micad IPR Space Database, asbestos risks can be identified on a precise floor plan, making managing and dealing with the risks easier. Using the latest technology, our asbestos software allows you to create detailed graphical reports using accurate CAD plans, no matter how large your estate may be.

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What to expect with Asbestos Software from Micad?

With our asbestos software, you can generate reports and log in to your own dashboard to see a live breakdown of your estates compliance levels. During our lengthy industry experience, we have worked with a range of clients in a diverse range of industries and today, we take great pride in offering asbestos software which is tailored to your needs as property management professionals. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect when you choose Micad’s asbestos software:

  • Full client ownership of data via multiple devices
  • 3rd party read only portal
  • A dedicated Apple App for surveying and updating data
  • Reductions in long term asbestos management costs – save up to 30% on the cost of annual inspections
  • Reductions in financial and operational risks
  • A consistent and higher levels of compliance with regulations such as CAR 2012, HSG227 and HSG264
  • Benchmarks of surveyors/ consultant’s performance
  • Standard and bespoke reporting of data sets – Ideal for reviewing annual re-inspections
  • An easy to use and comprehensive dashboard interface showing data compliance levels
  • Secure cloud based software

Asbestos Management Has Never Been Easier

With Micad’s asbestos software you can ensure that your property always complies with current regulations and you can view a live break down of the current state of your site(s). Innovative and user friendly, you can manage your entire estate from the click of a button; view a breakdown of your estate compliancy, an inspection report of a specific room or item, or even a complete visual breakdown of your site with risks identified. With Micad’s asbestos software and mobile applications, asbestos management has never been easier.

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