LEADERS FOR THE GS1 & Scan4Safety Initiative

Micad has developed a recognised solution to rapidly deploy verified Global Location Numbers (GLNs) across the NHS. Scan4Safety known as the 4 ‘P’s project – Patient, Product, Place & Process.

Our GS1 technology has on boarded 4 out of 6 demonstrator sites.  Micad is the place to be!


Micad is working with GS1 on the Department of Health’s (DoH) initiative to introduce Global Location Numbers (GLNs) across a number of NHS Acute Trusts.

The DoH and GS1 have adopted the same 5 tier location hierarchy as used in the Micad system for managing locations.

Key to the application of GS1 Global Location Numbers (GLN’s) is use of the Core IPR space management module. This module, through the use of polylines, turns industry standard CAD floor plans into a powerful space database that supports any manner of numbering systems. Although each space can be individually numbered to a Trust defined standard, the application of GLNs is a simple exercise. These are applied using standard user tools so customisation of the standard Micad software is not necessary. If you are a Trust that is about to role out GS1 standards then contact us now.


The process to apply GS1 GLNs allocated numbers is easy within Micad as the GS1 registry hierarchy 100% mirrors the Micad location database. It is also important to understand why space records are so important. Find out why at:


Why Micad is the solution…

  • Use of the IPR’s inbuilt departmental hierarchy to extend use for GLNs is exactly the same as the GS1 requirement
  • Use of further custom properties can extend use for GLNs (e.g. wards or cleaning areas)
  • Automatic creation of a GLN using the Micad space planning modules removes the need for local space numbering and the addition of GLN’s retrospectively
  • Dashboard reporting enables an effective management of GLN’s
  • Applying GLNs will help Trusts to drive efficiency and whilst also saving on costs

Demonstrator Site Case Study

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of 6 initial demonstrator sites to be awarded funding for the DoH GS1 initiative.

Theresa Gunn and Sandie Wills have taken up the challenge of identifying and bar-coding spaces across the Trust. Their presentation on how they achieved this and how important their Micad system was in the process is detailed in the case study below.

IPR Space Management

Micad has the tools to help you implement your Scan4Safety project and is a registered GS1 Technology Partner.

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