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27th October 2017 | Hawkeye Web

The need for Asbestos Software

Did you know that despite the dangers associated with the material, asbestos is still present in buildings such as Schools, Universities, Factories, Hospitals and Office blocks up and down the country? As the material was used widely for building construction and insulation for decades in the 20th century, asbestos exposure is a problem which is expected to remain relevant for many years to come. This hazard is very real and should not be ignored as according to HSE, around 5,000 people die of asbestos related diseases every year. The problem for many Property Maintenance managers however is that without access to a good Asbestos Management Software, staying on top of asbestos management can be time consuming and costly – especially when updating records for annual inspections. Large organisations such as NHS Trusts, Universities, Councils, and Corporate property owners can have thousands of asbestos materials across their estate, keeping a live register and dissemination of the information to those that need it most to access and work on buildings safely can be a real challenge.

The solution – Industry leading Asbestos Software from Micad

Micad offer industry leading Asbestos Software which makes managing your asbestos easy and cost effective. From a user-friendly management dashboard which can be accessed on desktops and mobile devices to a dedicated and secure Apple App, you can view a breakdown of your compliance records including inspection reports relating to the exact location of your asbestos, its condition and the risks associated with it. With our easy to use asbestos information app you can put key read only asbestos register information in the palm of you contractors and staffs hands via their smartphones. You can even track who has accessed it in case of accidental damage or exposure. You can also view all documents associated historic survey records, management plans, remediation works and how you intend to manage the risks in the future, helping you to ensure that staff and visitors remain safe at all times.

We understand that keeping on top of asbestos management can be a big task, especially if your site or property portfolio is large. Gone are the days of completing hard copy reports and storing them away until you next need them. With our asbestos software, you can view real time data and historic reports all from one management dashboard within seconds.

Contact Micad today to find out more about our Asbestos Software

Currently our asbestos software is used to manage over 500,000 items across a range of sectors including Corporate, Government, Education, and the NHS Facilities. So, no matter how big or small your site may be, we can provide you with a solution which makes managing and reducing occupational risks easier. To find out more about how you could be saving time, money and resources with your asbestos management please get in touch today. A member of our team will be more than happy to help and can also provide you with a demonstration of our asbestos management software solution.


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