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1st May 2018 | Hawkeye Web

Did you know that our asbestos software is used daily to manage over 500,000 items across the UK? Trusted by professional property managers across a range of sectors, we have built a reputation on providing one of the best asbestos software’s available on the market today. Whilst it is true that the material is no longer used in construction, many people are still at risk of developing asbestos related illnesses due to working or living in buildings where asbestos remains. Such buildings include 20th century office blocks, hospitals, schools and universities. Most problems arise from the fact that property managers lack access to a comprehensive management software. This is where Micad steps in. We understand that keeping on top of live asbestos risks across a company or estate can be a daunting and at times, a time-consuming and costly task. For this reason, we have developed our own software which makes managing risk areas and items both easy and cost effective. No matter how big or small your site may be, we can help to support your processes with our unique and user friendly software which helps you to keep a live register of your estate.

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At Micad we understand that keeping on top of your asbestos management can be a huge task, especially if your company or estate is part of the NHS, a university, or a large public service facility. Completing those especially long reports year on year can be a demoralising activity, but we at Micad have the perfect asbestos software available for such requirements. With our user-friendly software which can be accessed via laptops or mobile devices on the go thanks to our handy app, you can view up to date reports regarding past and future inspections at any time. You can even view and assess accurate CAD site plans which document the location of the asbestos in your buildings – this helps you to monitor who comes into contact with the affected area which in turn allows you to reduce future health risks from developing. With accurate and relevant information readily available and stored away professionally, you can ensure that all of your staff and visitors stay safe at all times. Our asbestos software is an industry changing development to help you and your company alleviate and successfully manage your asbestos risks.

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