The Need for Asbestos Software

12th May 2018 | Hawkeye Web

Every year thousands of people are affected by an asbestos related illness and this can prove deadly. Traditionally we think of asbestos being a feature in older buildings. However, it can be found in buildings that were refurbished up until 1999. These frightening statistics highlight the importance for property owners to control this risk in their property portfolio with Micad’s asbestos software.

Micad provide our clients with an end to end solution when it comes to managing asbestos and annual re-inspections. Completely client focused, our solution can help ensure you get and stay compliant with the CAR2012 regulations whilst helping you achieve your asbestos management goals.

Who is Asbestos Software for?

As of 2018, around half a million asbestos items are managed by our asbestos software in over sixty thousand buildings. With our 25-year industry experience we believe our asbestos software is the best there is, in fact over 80% of clients and contractors use our software to manage asbestos risk.

Currently, our asbestos management software is used by a range of organisations and clients including, but not limited to: universities, local authorities & councils, NHS Trusts, housing trusts, consultancies, and private sector organisations such as banking, retail, aviation, utilities and broadcasting.

Asbestos Software – How It Works

The Micad asbestos software can help you comply with the latest regulations, providing you with a live breakdown of the current state of your properties and the asbestos risk within them. Tried and tested you’ll manage your entire property portfolio at the touch of a button, with 24/7 mobile access. Our user-friendly IOS app breaks down each site room by room, miAsbestos presents all users with full survey data including; full location details, photographs and the complete risk assessment in accordance with HSG227 & HSG264.

Seamless, Reliable and Secure Asbestos Software

Our asbestos software provides many efficiency benefits for landlords and property managers, such as 30% savings on annual inspections, and reduced financial and operational risks. There are many more features and advantages our software can provide. For more information about our cost saving applications and supporting miAsbestos app, speak to one of our team today.


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