ZetaSafe’s Derek Pearce completes the 10:10:10 Challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support

7th December 2015 | Victoria Franks

Along with his friend Tim Dart, Derek Pearce has completed the 10:10:10 Challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Leeds final event2The “10:10:10 challenge” consisted of running a total of ten organised 10km races, inside the space of 10 months, within a combined time of under 10 hours.

Their Just Giving page is https://www.justgiving.com/del-tim-challenge/

Derek Pearce says: “Tim and I have both witnessed in close quarters the terrible impact that cancer has on those unfortunate enough to fall victim of the disease. We have also seen the lasting effect that cancer has on their family and friends. We set out to raise £2000 or Macmillan Cancer Support, but managed £2,317.50 which nPower has pledged to double – so we have raised over £4,500 which we are over the moon about! ZetaSafe was a huge support as they helped us with the cost of staying away for all of these events which included Leeds, Wakefield and Gateshead.”

The races took them all over the country, with races in: Wakefield, Southampton, Berkshire, Bristol, Warwick, Gateshead, Cardiff, Worcester, Bournemouth and Leeds.

Having finished all 10 events, both Tim and Derek were pleased with the final times, Tim achieving under 9 hours and Derek safely under the target time with a time of 9 hours 51 minutes.


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