ZetaSafe: Seamless integration with MRI Planet PM

21st November 2017 | Victoria Franks

ZetaSafe is able to share data such as future schedules, past results and high priority notes with MRI Planet FM (formerly Qube Planet FM) CAFM system. Not only can ZetaSafe provide data, it can also receive data.

The ZetaSafe API communicates using JSON data packets through our RESTful interface, all over a secure and encrypted connection.

What is MRI Qube PM CAFM system Management Software?

MRI Planet FM facilities management software is used in more than 250 organisations across industry, commerce, NHS and the public sector.

Providing flexible, end-to-end control for FM processes.

  • Rely on one central information store
  • A CAFM solution that flexes as your organisation grows
  • Trusted by more than 250 clients across industry, commerce, healthcare and the public sector

About MRI Software

MRI Software set out to build flexible, game-changing solutions. Founded in 1971, MRI Software is a leading provider of innovative real estate software applications and hosted solutions.

CAFM – helpdesk and planned maintenance software solutions

MRI Planet FM is a modular system with business processes that support “soft” and “hard” FM services including modules for planned and reactive maintenance, room booking and surveys as well as extensive web portal functionality and mobile technology tools. MRI Planet FM is a functionally rich CAFM product packed into a design philosophy that encompasses a user-friendly, intuitive interface. Each business process can be purchased separately yet remain tightly linked together allowing continuous and immediate access to information. One-time data entry minimises re-keying information across business processes and our carefully designed flexibility allows processes and controls to be matched perfectly to your requirements.

If you need to divide your buildings, assets and staff into separate regions or customer contracts, Planet simply and efficiently filters your data. Local users work only within the data of their assigned area whilst global users have access to all areas for centralised reporting and help desk functions.

Business processes supported:

  1. All aspects of planned and reactive maintenance
  2. Help desk
  3. Asset register and life-cycle management
  4. Room booking and resource management
  5. Health and safety
  6. Multi platform mobile tools for work order and asset management
  7. Stores management and purchasing
  8. Soft services and capital expenditure planning
  9. Condition surveys
  10. Energy Management
  11. Space management
  12. Customer contracts and job billing
  13. Projects management
  14. Property management
  15. Web Portal for call logging, reporting and supplier access
  16. Business intelligence reporting tools

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