ZetaSafe implement ZEPHYR for JIRA Cloud – Ensuring rapid and reliable testing of their online compliance applications

18th May 2015 | ian

ZetaSafe online compliance solutions enable their clients to efficiently collect, manage and share critical data on their risk assets and buildings – ensuring they adhere to health, safety and environmental regulations and assets perform within specification. ZetaSafe solutions remove compliance headaches for organisations with multiple sites, numerous assets and where the protection of people is a priority.’Over the last 15 years ZetaSafe has successfully helped protect the people, buildings, assets and reputation of numerous prestigious universities, hospitals, councils, construction projects & manufacturing sites.

ZetaSafe’s challenge – rapid and reliable testing

To exceed their clients’ needs ZetaSafe are committed to continuously improving and refining their solutions – meaning that they regularly have multiple development projects running concurrently, often generating hundreds of test cases weekly.

ZetaSafe had been unable to find a test management solution that met their exacting requirements, and had been using manual workarounds such as Excel to document their test cases and manage their QA activities. Not only was this method unscalable but it also made the testing, release, documentation and reporting process time consuming. Moreover it hindered collaboration between team members and thus was not acceptable to ZetaSafe.

Streamlined testing & enhanced collaboration

ZetaSafe had been using JIRA Capture in their development process; so it was natural to investigate using Zephyr for JIRA Cloud to manage their testing as well. After thoroughly evaluating Zephyr for JIRA Cloud, as well as considering a number of other options, ZetaSafe were impressed by Zephyr’s intuitive interface and integrated management of the testing process.

Wiz White, Product Manager at ZetaSafe comments: “After just a few weeks of using Zephyr for JIRA Cloud we began experiencing the benefits Zephyr brings to the testing process inside JIRA, such as: linking test cases to JIRA in Kanban swim lanes, executing tests and tracking progress, measuring quality, and exporting results. As Zephyr for JIRA Cloud’s user interface is very intuitive, the adoption process has taken less than two weeks. In addition, Zepyhr has enhanced knowledge transfer and communication between ZetaSafe staff giving new QA staff and other stakeholders detailed visibility of the testing process.”


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