ZetaSafe: The clear choice for Bath University’s Water Hygiene Compliance Management

24th November 2014 | Victoria Franks

Steve Holmes, Mechanical Services Manager from the University of Bath Estates Department discusses his experience of working with ZetaSafe.

The Compliance Challenge

“As the person responsible for the day to day implementation of the water hygiene control scheme at the University of Bath, it’s my responsibility to ensure that our monitoring, control, and remedial works adhere to the guidelines of ACOP L8 and to have an effective system to record the water hygiene data for the University.

The University initially decided to opt for an electronic log book system, installing the Envirodat database, a year later we subsequently upgraded to the ZetaSafe system. The team at ZetaSafe took the time to understand our needs and worked with us to ensure that the system was configured to the exact unique needs of the University’s Estates department.

The Solution

  • ZetaSafe is much more than a web based log book, it provides me with email alerts, instant access to reports and a full audit trail.
  • The document management facility is particularly useful, allowing me to store all our essential documentation, risk assessments, schematic drawings, correspondence, and audit reports etc, all in one place.
  • Being web hosted and managed for us by our Service provider means we have instant access via the internet and the assurance that it will not be lost or misplaced just when we need it most.

The Benefits

ZetaSafe easily and clearly indicates where improvements are required, from this data we can subsequently prioritse resources for remedial works and future Risk Assessments. By using the Key Performance Indicator report, I can see how ZetaSafe is improving the month-by-month water hygiene compliance of the estate. These reports are particularly useful for other Estates and University managers.

Managing the water hygiene on an estate as complex, diverse and geographically spread as the University of Bath would be incredibly difficult and time consuming if we were not using ZetaSafe.

More recently, the Estates Department have started to utilise ZetaSafe to manage other compliance assets on the site such as fire alarms, emergency lighting, lifts, power doors, and fume cupboards.”

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