ZetaSafe and the IoT (Internet of Things)

13th March 2019 | Victoria Franks

ZetaSafe is your compliance hub and helps you make sense of your task data wherever it comes from.

Many of our clients are benefitting from embracing IoT (Internet of Things) technology to compliment and supplement data from manual testing in numerous areas of the built environment.

IoT technology means you can monitor non-conformances through ZetaSafe in near real time, meaning estates and facilities managers can react to any adverse changes immediately.

Sensor technology is being developed for different use cases all the time.

Currently, the most widely used sensor driven solutions for estates management include: temperature monitoring in hard to access places, environmental quality and level sensing.

ZetaSafe is sensor agnostic and interfaces with a portfolio of different technology solutions.

Reasons to invest in IoT and ZetaSafe

  • Real time sensor data can be used to trigger alerts to your onsite facilities or estates management team, meaning they can take proactive action before serious issues arise.
  • A full audit trail is maintained detailing information on times, locations and responses to alerts.
  • Identify trends in data, highlight areas where you can make improvements and prove adherence to regulatory or internal standards.
  • Access to long term data means you can measure the impact of improvements and analyse how they translate into cost and productivity savings.
  • ZetaSafe can send data to external PPM, FM and CAFM systems for automated work orders.

What next?

If you already use IoT remote sensors, talk to us about how to get connected. Haven’t adopted IoT yet? We can help.

You can improve the efficiency, productivity and safety of your buildings with retrofit sensor driven technology which intefaces with ZetaSafe. Get in touch and we can put you in contact with one of our community partners.

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