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21st February 2019 | Hawkeye Web


In 2014/15, the higher education sector spent over £71million on cleaning services, more than £18million on janitorial, domestic supplies and services and over £4million on maintenance. In this blog, we’ll be talking about why the level of expenditure on cleaning in higher education has risen in recent years and its continued importance within the sector.

The level of expenditure on cleaning in higher education has risen in  recent years. The standards of cleanliness in modern university buildings now require is greater and student numbers continue to grow. Campuses  are evolving all over the nation from Aberdeen to Plymouth, with increasing pace we’re leaving behind the stereotypical student experience of the past. Asbestos filled 1970’s buildings, narrow hallways of cramped  student residencies and the sense that for the £3bn the university sector  spends, you may not be getting your money’s worth.

Buildings built between 1960 and 1979 (one third of the average estate) are reaching the end of their natural design life. Buildings from the 1980’swere generally built to a lower specification due to more restricted funding. As a result, Universities are moving out of exhausted residential properties, and into social learning spaces and stylish student accommodation. Whilst this can only help a university’s TEF ranking, modern buildings can cost more to maintain and create new standards that need to be consistently met.

Micad4 auditing software can be accessed and updated live from one dedicated app. You can assess, manage and resolve any condition or cleanliness issues on campus as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of Micad4 Cleaning: 

  • Evidence based; tackles repeat issues
  • Automated audits reporting, instant feedback
  • Efficient & effective, pre-defined actions, dropdowns and restrictions make for a simplistic and fast auditing experience
  • Dedicated native App (IOS & Android), choice & flexibility
  • Web based, access from anywhere

The Diamond, Sheffield University:

It is becoming a necessity to stay competitive with other institutions to have a modern, clean and sustainable campus environment. As the quality standards rise, so do the expectations when fee paying students and parents visit for an open day with. This puts pressure on all institutions to provide the high standards of consistent cleanliness if you want to create the right impression. The best way for any university to ensure modern standards are maintained is to make sure the cleaning auditing process is as efficient, accessible and effective as possible. Capturing and storing data electronically enables better monitoring services and lessens the time spent auditing whilst evidencing a safer and cleaner environment. In turn this provides a better student experience, staff working environment and positively impacts on a university’s reputation.

Micad software could transform and modernise the condition of your ever changing campus environment, click here to find out more




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