Space Management Software and its Importance

27th February 2018 | Hawkeye Web

Space management software brings together CAD plans and data surrounding the physical space within an organisation. Maximising space and utilising it fully will improve productivity and minimise waste; whether this is time, energy consumption, staff or equipment resources. It ultimately has a positive effect on the actual day to day experience of personnel and visitors within the organisation. Effective and impactful management of space enables the Facilities Management to know the situation as it is currently and to adapt plans and schedules to meet future demands. All these factors come together to make budgets go further and meet financial targets.

Space Management Software Solutions from Micad

Micad’s Space Management Software provides a flexible solution so that organisations with complicated and interconnected factors like multiple sites, departments and equipment can efficiently manage the space at their disposal. The IPR allows user defined fields to be created and reported on via the CAD plan using a process called graphical reporting.

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Want to know more about Micad’s Space Management Software? We are here to help you find the right solution to managing the space and facilities within your organisation. You can speak to one of our experts to discuss your organisations requirements. We understand that whether you are operating in the public or private sector, your establishment will have its own challenges. Micad’s Space Management Software is currently utilised by many complex sites belonging to Healthcare, Education, Government and Corporate. Contact us today to arrange a demonstration and find out how our Space Management Software can empower Facilities Managers with an efficient means of controlling and organising space assets.


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