Skanska select ZetaSafe to manage compliance for key NHS Trust client

23rd November 2014 | Victoria Franks

Skanska FM are accountable for all areas of compliance within a 1200 bed hospital, providing patients, clinicians and visitors with a safe environment 24/7.

This was proving to be immensely challenging with regards to the monitoring and record keeping requirements for legionella control and so Skanska decided to implement ZetaSafe – electronic compliance management logbook at the hospital.

The Compliance Challenge

The hospital’s statutory obligations under ACoP L8 and HTM 04-01 were made even more complex by the fact that Skanska sub-contract the monitoring of legionella to their water treatment provider.The responsible person for legionella then spent hours manually searching through the data for non-compliant results. With over 6000 tests undertaken each month, their paper system was extremely time consuming, left the hospital vulnerable to human error and with no real visibility of trends and priorities.

With mountains of paperwork at both the input and checking stages, it was very difficult to track or acknowledge the status of non-compliances or provide the NHS Trust with assurance.

The Solution

ZetaSafe understands the high risk nature of the healthcare sector and has expert knowledge of the stringent SLAs that NHS trusts set their FMs. Our expertise gave Skanska confidence that ZetaSafe was the solution to their compliance headache. ZetaSafe worked closely with the Operations Manager, preparing the system to accommodate their processes, understand their geographical locations, control schemes, asset types and schedules. Establishing this level of detail created a unique database, tailored specifically to Skanska’s requirements which has saved them time ever since.


Within 4 weeks of placing the order, Skanska’s team of 8 people had been trained and handed a system that was ready for immediate use. After experiencing no downtime or major problems, they described the transition process as “absolutely seamless”. The smooth implementation allowed the team to adhere to their strict schedules of tasks in a ‘Business as Usual’ manner.

The Benefits

ZetaSafe has realised huge time savings for Skanska whilst giving them the assurance that they’re doing everything that they are obliged to do, and the means to prove this to their client, the Trust.

For the General Manager, ZetaSafe’s automatic reporting features have eliminated the administration time that they used to spend on preparing reports for the Trust, releasing their time to focus on other critical matters involved in managing the site.

Operationally, ZetaSafe has harmonised the working partnership between Skanska and their sub- contractor. It has freed up time from the routine elements of simply managing getting the work done and instead, allows them to focus on the actions required to resolve issues as they arise.

By implementing ZetaSafe, Skanska has underpinned their client’s trust in them and raised their profile as an innovative FM provider. The General Manager now has peace of mind and absolute confidence in the accuracy of the data, safe in the knowledge that non- compliances will not go unnoticed.

Following the successful management of water hygiene, Skanska are looking to add more compliance asset management areas to their ZetaSafe system, such as the hospital’s 3000 fire dampers.

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