Aware of SFG20 guidelines – but need help to interpret and implement? ZetaSafe is here to help!

15th December 2015 | Victoria Franks

Aware of SFG20 guidelines – but need help to interpret and implement? ZetaSafe is here to help!

Launched in 1990 by the Building & Engineering Services Association, SFG20 is widely regarded as the definitive standard for planned maintenance.

SFG20 & ZetaSafe

Dynamic and web based – the SFG20 library includes hundreds of maintenance task schedules and extensive equipment chapters and is the essential tool for facilities managers, building owners, contractors and consultants.

Sounds great! But who has the time to trawl through hundeds of schedules and chapters determining what is and isn’t applicable and then transposing that information into business processes and work schedules?


Let ZetaSafe do the hard work for you

Save Time: In accordance with the relevant SFG20 guidelines, we can fine-tune the existing templates within ZetaSafe to ensure they reflect your specific industry and compliance applications.

Why ZetaSafe?

ZetaSafe is the ideal platform to deploy the inspection regimes detailed in SFG20 and perform and monitor and review those regimes on an on-going basis.

  • ZetaSafe allows you to Collect, Manage and Share business critical data across multiple areas.
  • It is already a solution used internationally for health, safety, quality and environmental compliance which can also be used effectively for any other important checking you may require.
  • Using a scanner, smartphone or tablet – ZetaSafe allows users to scan in compliance or performance information from key assets in your working environment.

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