Have you seen the latest version of ZetaSafe ? 

25th April 2017 | Victoria Franks

Have you seen the latest version of ZetaSafe ?

  • RESPONSIVE: Fully responsive website
  • FLEXIBLE: Intuitive and easily customisable
  • EFFICIENT: Improved speed, performance and workflows


  • Fully responsive website
  • Enhanced speed and performance
  • Easily customisable and flexible
  • Enhanced productivity and user experience
  • Direct integration with Qube Planet FM
  • New widgets including Twitter feed and risk profile – Seamless and free migration


By embracing latest platform technologies and migrating ZetaSafe to the latest distributed service architecture, we are able to develop and deploy more quickly, enjoy better connectivity with other business systems, be even more resilient and even more scalable.

Taking advantage of the next generation of ZetaSafe is simple and you will automatically have access to the latest version. For queries, feedback and further discussions, please contact us: 01327 317 950 |  sales@zetasafe.com

Get in touch today to discover how ZetaSafe software can meet your compliance requirements and give you peace of mind!

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