Risk Reduction & Compliance Seminar: The Gherkin

4th October 2017 | Victoria Franks

It was great to see so many of you at our Risk Reduction & Compliance Breakfast Seminar on Thursday 28th September at The Gherkin in London.

The morning seminar was both informative and enjoyable for all the delegates. Read on to discover the key take aways from the presentations:

Mark Johnston-Wood, ESG:

  • “Black box thinking” – Focus on creating systems and cultures that enable organisations to learn from their errors, rather than being threatened by them.
  • Root cause analysis can be used to highlight the lack of early warning signs. Look at critical business information as a whole, including; Financial Planning, HR, Risk Management and PPM.
  • Compliance dashboards, such as the ZetaSafe software provides these early warning signs, by identifying efficiencies and producing strategic management information giving you control.

Dennis Kelly, Pro LP Consulting:

  • A hard hitting, real life account of cases where serious repercussions have resulted due to lack of care and attention to Legionella and Water Hygiene Compliance maintenance
  • The importance of having an Authorising Engineer, or person of responsibility, whose focus is to keep your People, Buildings and Assets compliant
  • The difference between well maintained records and paperwork and how this can be used to avoid legal and financially unsettling circumstances in the future
  • ZetaSafe is an easy way to ensure that a full audit of every asset, and its task data, is kept in one place and easily accessible should there be the need to find it.

Dr Andrew Dobbins, ZetaSafe:

  • Demonstration and exploration of ZetaSafe and how it can be used to help with many of the pains addressed by Mark and Dennis, including but not exclusive to; Asset and Location Tracking, Audit logs and Reporting.
  • The Next Generation of ZetaSafe is coming – focus on APIs with new systems.

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Thank you to all our delegates and our esteemed guest speakers.

If you were unable to attend but would like to learn more about how ZetaSafe can help you protect your people, places and assets and remain compliant with legislation please get in touch.

ZetaSafe in action at South London and Maudsley NHS

Providing a safe environment for patients, clinicians and visitors is vital for South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Download case study now..

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