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7th May 2018 | Hawkeye Web

Property management software is a vital tool to make the daily tasks of keeping a building or a collection of premises across a site functioning safely and efficiently. Incorporating a variety of elements including cleaning schedules, reactive and pre-planned maintenance and asbestos control. Keeping track of the building infrastructure from the heating, electricity, and water supply utilities to the state of the construction can all be kept within an easy to use set of cohesive property management software systems and apps.
In a dynamic environment where room space occupation changes in line with scheduled meetings, training sessions and timetables, being able to smoothly monitor how a space is being used is key. Additionally, to adjust all resources to meet peak or low demand keeps an organisation running cost effectively. Property management is a multi-faceted challenge and investing in the right property management software pulls the different factors into easy to view data, giving all levels of personnel a powerful means of monitoring, planning, scheduling, communicating and compliance management.

Property Management Software Events from Micad

Micad regularly takes part in events including workshops, user-groups and exhibitions around Great Britain and Northern Ireland to demonstrate how the suite of property management software can be utilised by existing and potential customers. For existing customers we have created a community and deliver training and seminars to educate and support users of our software.

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Are you looking for new property management software for your organisation? We would be very happy to present you with further details of our software and how it can benefit your company, school, hospital, or office space. Whether you are in the public or private sector, you will find that Micad has a solution which will help improve the management of your property. Please contact us to speak to a member of our expert team and to discuss your requirements further.


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