New smartphone app for Facilities Managers to achieve intelligent compliance with regulations

26th November 2014 | ian

Bicester, UK; November 26, 2014 – Oxfordshire based company Zeta Compliance Group PLC has launched its latest ZetaMobile app for Android smartphone or tablet users to more efficiently Collect, Manage and Share data for Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental compliance on its ZetaSafe asset management system.’

For the last ten years, ZetaSafe has led the way in the monitoring of assets in the workplace, helping clients improve performance or management of issues such as Legionella or Fire Safety. Zeta were early adopters of Cloud Technology and have constantly evolved in tandem with the incredible advances in mobile technology to deliver intelligent compliance with regulations or internal standards.

Chris Wiles, CTO commented: “Everyone has a smartphone, they have become a vital part of our lives. Whatever we do, there’s an app for that. Increasingly, we like to use our own devices for work too as the lines between work and play are getting blurred.

At Zeta we have listened to our customer’s needs, embraced this change and consequently developed a suite of intuitive smartphone apps, which means that all your activities can be done using one single device.

Building on the successful launch of our iOS app earlier this year, we are delighted to release our Android app, and are looking forward to completing the set with our Windows Mobile 8 Phone app in late 2014.

The Android app uses the latest gestures and controls, is extremely fast, user-friendly and offers the ability to see the last check status for any given asset.

”The app is freely available on the Google Play Store and you then simply need to subscribe to the ZetaSafe service to store and analyse your checking data from the workplace.

Simon Cooke, Sales and Marketing Director explained: “Whether you are an Estates Manager in a University or Hospital or the Facilities Manager for a multi-site portfolio then the challenge of managing compliance to protect building users and your own reputation keeps getting harder. Well things just got a lot easier with the release of our smartphone apps to help you carry out checks more effectively and efficiently and provide the visibility you need to ensure intelligent compliance with regulations.

Our customers continue to use ZetaSafe® technology to extend beyond compliance into any business critical activity looking at the performance of assets in the workplace and with the ease of use and ubiquitous availability of smartphones and tablets there has never been a better time to throw away that clipboard!”

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