HTM 04-01 recommends the use of compliance software to help minimise and manage the risk of Legionella and other water borne infections

13th June 2016 | Victoria Franks

HTM 04-01 clearly advocates the use of compliance software for the effective management of critical maintenance and to control data.

By using electronic data management tools you will help minimise and manage the risk of Legionella and other water borne infections and ensure safe water in healthcare premises.

HTM 04-01 advocates use of compliance software

Intended to encourage the holistic management of water systems via initiatives such as Water Safety Plans (WSPs) and Water Safety Groups (WSGs), the latest review and update of The Department of Health’s HTM 04-01 clearly advocates the use of software solhtm 04-01utions for the effective management of compliance data to ensure safe water in healthcare premises and prevent against the risk of legionella.

Within the Data Management and Record keeping guidelines section, the use of software to manage and interrogate data is clearly advocated.

6.74 Given the amount of data that must be managed to facilitate the effective management of large and complex water systems, it is recommended that electronic data management tools be utilised to facilitate the intelligent use of data for the WSG to easily monitor trends and analyse chemical and microbiological parameters.”

ZetaSafe for Healthcare

We understand that the Healthcare sector is a specialised property and facilities management environment due to clinicians and patients needing a safe environment 24/7. The high risk nature of the healthcare environment means you need total control and visibility of your health and safety compliance, to prove you’re complying with statutory requirements and protecting your patients. Critical maintenance and control of data can be time consuming. ZetaSafe Software will accurately and efficiently Collect, Manage and Share critical compliance data – increasing efficiencies, unlocking insights and enhancing decision making.


You may be constantly battling with the financial constraints of ever more challenging budget cuts and as a result you need real value from your spending. ZetaSafe compliance software has tailor made solutions for all areas of compliance such as HTM 04-01 in the UK for legionella / water hygiene and safe hot water temperatures.

Use ZetaSafe to help you adhere with HTM 04-01  guidelines 

ZetaSafe is the ideal platform to deploy to ensure you are complying with HTM 04-01 guidelines and to support the Water Safety Group.


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