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18th July 2016 | Victoria Franks

ZetaSafe is the marketing leading cloud based software for health, safety and compliance risk management. Used by over 1000 organisations to minimise risk and ensure compliance.

Fed up with spreadsheets and trying to keep track of your compliance checks and risk assessments with a clipboard and pen?

ZetaSafe is the market leading Health & Safety Compliance Monitoring & Management software used internationally to manage compliance areas such as water hygiene / legionella, fire safety, emergency lighting – infact ANY routine checking you may require.

Collect, manage and share compliance critical data with ZetaSafe

Using a scanner, smartphone or tablet – ZetaSafe Health & Safety Compliance Software allows you to scan in results and data from assets in your organisation.

  • EASY TO USE: Input checks, inspections and test results and make scheduling simple
  • REAL TIME INFORMATION: Immediate alerts with warnings and failures
  • SECURE: Synchronise with secure cloud database
  • BIRDS EYE VIEW: Manage actions from customisable dashboard
  • ACCESSIBLE: Compliance information accessible 24 hours a day / 7 days a week enabling intelligent analysis
  • MANAGEMENT INFORMATION: Highlight trends and priorities and create reports
  • ONE VERSION OF THE TRUTH: Accurate and real-time information can be shared throughout your organisation and with key partners and other stakeholders
  • PEACE OF MIND: Comply with SFG20, Regulatory Reform Order 2005, ACoP L8 & HSG274 / HTM04-01

Which organisations can use ZetaSafe?

ZetaSafe Health & Safety Compliance Software can be used by Estate, Asset and Facilities Managers across many industries including: education, healthcare, hospitality, government, public sector, retail, food & beverage. manufacturing & construction.

What can I use ZetaSafe for?

ZetaSafe Health & Safety Compliance Monitoring & Management software addresses numerous compliance issues such as Legionella, Asbestos, Fire Safety, Emergency Lighting, Gas & Electrical Safety, Security, Lab QA, Routine Checking, Lifts & Lifting equipment.

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