CAFM Software to Stay on Schedule

20th February 2018 | Hawkeye Web

Time is money and keeping your maintenance workload and teams to schedule ultimately helps an organisation to stay within budgets and operate smoothly on a day to day basis. CAFM Software from Micad is a powerful tool which will allow Facilities Managers to have all the necessary maintenance data at their fingertips within an intuitive and easy to use system. In a fast paced workplace, being able to switch between a strategic overview and drill down into the details of specific jobs and communicate this to the deployed maintenance workforce is essential for safety and efficiency. It also stops valuable resources being wasted, whether this is time or materials.

CAFM Software for Reactive and Planned Preventative Maintenance

A large organisation which has numerous buildings or locations needs to schedule preventative maintenance. Micad’s CAFM software is utilised within the NHS, Government Organisations, Colleges, Universities, and big Corporations. Data related to Asbestos, Building plans, and Room attributes can all be accessed quickly to with the jobs pending tables to inform scheduling, decision making and resource management. This minimises disruption to all estate users and reduces waste and cost chasing information.

Again, when the unexpected happens and a reactive repair is required, maintenance managers can draw on the IPR within the CAFM software for essential plans and site information. This ensures the correct number of people and equipment is deployed.

CAFM software (Computer Aided Facilities Management) from Micad can be customised with a collection of bolt on modules. Adaptive to your organisation’s requirements with mobile functionality. Teams and managers can access information and instructions while on the move. How’s that for flexibility?

Choose Micad for Your CAFM Software

To discover more about how Micad’s CAFM software can benefit your organisation, please contact us. We would be very happy to demonstrate how we can partner with you so that you can maximise your estate resources.


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