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1st May 2018 | Hawkeye Web

CAFM software from Micad is a powerful and fast to implement works management tool which provides property managers with accurate data and insights into the current state of reactive and PPM based activities in their buildings and their associated resources. Using the latest mobile App technology to ensure key resources are working optimally is an essential part of controlling costs. By ensuring that facilities are working to their optimum and that resources are scheduled and located accurately, organisations can run efficiently and effectively. Whether this is a small to medium sized private business operating at a single location, or a major organisation spread across multiple sites like an NHS Trust or University, our CAFM software can be used to deliver tangible benefits across the organisation.

Micad’s CAFM Software is a Powerful and Flexible Solution

Our CAFM Software allows property managers to monitor their facilities and estates whilst on the move. We understand that each organisation has its own unique requirements. Today’s workplace is fast paced and multi-faceted. For this reason, our systems are adaptive and can be accessed on numerous devices and platforms. Being able to plan long term e.g. scheduling regular planned preventative maintenance tasks, reacting to a situation where resources need moving at short notice like a cleaning team and their equipment. This can all be controlled within our CAFM software.

Maximise Budgets and Reduce Waste with CAFM Software

Every organisation must make their budgets stretch further. Our CAFM software will help you to reduce waste and work smarter with the resources you have available to you. Your Facilities Manager will have a comprehensive reporting system at their finger tips giving them accurate data to inform effective decision making. In this scenario, it all adds up to keeping costs under control and helping an organisation run smoothly.
To discover more about how Micad’s CAFM software will benefit your Healthcare Trust, Business, Education Establishment or other organisation, please contact us today.


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