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Compliance Risk Management Software

For over 15 years, ZetaSafe has been a leading compliance software solution for the Healthcare, Education and Water industries in Australia. Whether you are a service provider or managing your own compliance ZetaSafe can help you make quick decisions, minimise cost, and support day to day operations, in real time!

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Facility and Space Management Software

Manage, monitor and maximise the value of your property portfolio. Gain accurate control with real-time visibility across your entire facility. Unlock greater value from real estate and facilities management data. Mitigate the risk of void occupancy and rationalise your space to generate a better return on property assets.

Just a few of our clients


Video case study

In hospitals, compliance regulations help to reduce the risk of infections and accidents.

Watch the video to see how South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust use ZetaSafe to meet regulations, increase efficiency and reduce risk.

This case study not only demonstrates how ZetaSafe helps facilities meet regulations and reduce risk, but also highlights the financial and environmental benefits gained by using ZetaSafe.

Here, facility-related litigation complaints have halved over the past few years. Using ZetaSafe has resulted in other efficiencies too.

Watch now!

ZetaSafe can help you make quick decisions, minimise cost, and support day to day operations, in real time!

Cloud based data
Ditch the spreadsheets and paper reports

Save time on routine tests
With easy-to use iOS and Android mobile app

Collect and organize data
Access information 24/7 – always inspection ready!

Real time dashboards
Configurable reports direct to your inbox

Water Safety / Legionella

Fire Safety

Emergency Lighting

Lifts & Lifting

Gas & Electrical

Security Checks

Lab QA

Routine Checking

Custom Solutions

Key benefits of ZetaSafe

Manage all areas of compliance
Typically used to manage Water Treatment, Legionella and Wastewater Management, ZetaSafe can be used to manage ANY routine checks, such as Fire Safety and Emergency Lighting.

Digitise your compliance 
Monitor and manage compliance with ease. Increase control of data, costs, labor and processes. Attach photos to inspection reports. Eliminate paper reports, spreadsheets and logbooks.

Daily reports straight to your inbox
Real-time visibility of data, KPIs and trends. Escalation of non-compliances enables rapid management of failures or defects.

Comply with National EnHealth Guidelines and AusHFG
Fire Safety Compliance AS 1851, Legionella & Water Hygiene: AS 3666, AS 4775, AS 5132:2017, ADWG 2011, HVAC including AS/NZS 5141:2018 and AS/NZS 4965.2-2012.

Peace of mind
Robust audit trail reassures management that required monitoring has been completed, and alerts you about missed tasks.

Environmental services
Enabling Facilities Managers to improve the performance of team members and enhance the quality of the overall environment.

What our clients say 

Roper St. Francis Healthcare

“ZetaSafe was easy for us to use from the very beginning. Within a month we have a report that contains data and analytics for us to study and make improvements. It gives us the top ten failures immediately, which makes corrections on our process easy and spontaneous. Overall, Zeta has made our inspection and teaching process more seamless than before.”

Albert Aquino,
EVS Manager

The Orlando Utilities Commission

“We have been using ZetaSafe extensively for years to manage our Central Energy Plants. ZetaSafe greatly reduces the amount of effort required to perform daily assignments for our operators and provides all the tools necessary to monitor and evaluate long term trends for our management team. Between daily logging schedules, custom reports tailored to our needs, and the excellent response from the support team, I couldn’t be happier with the service provided.

Jorge Vargas,
Maintenance Facilitator

Sound Water Treatment

“ZetaSafe has drastically improved my workflow efficiency and time management. Compliance activity data is quickly recorded in the field with the app and immediately available for review and use in the office. ZetaSafe allows us to spend more time on quality of service and less time producing documentation.”

Michele A.,
Office Manager

Enrich your data and provide clarity and ease of access to key estates information.

  • View and understand your buildings like never before.
  • Become a more insightful estates manager.
  • Real-time visibility across your entire estate with one intuitive solution.
  • Unlock greater value from real estate and facilities management data.
  • Translate CAD-drawings into precise baseline data that informs decision-making, control and operations.
  • Mitigate the risk of void occupancy and optimise space management.
  • Manage and integrate multiple estate management disciplines such as space management compliance and maintenance.
  • Micad360 will transform the way you view your buildings and the data held within.

Events & Conferences

We are delighted to be attending events, and speaking at conferences in 2024. We hope to see you!

June 3rd-5th 2024:
Micad will be exhibiting at IHEA National Conference at Marvel Stadium, Docklands Melbourne, Australia.

Sept 15th-18th 2024:
Micad will be exhibiting at TEFMA24 Annual Conference in Auckland, New Zealand.

Micad Ecosystem

Micad family of products comprises Micad IPR, Micad FM, Micad Audit and ZetaSafe.

By combining innovative software and extensive domain experience, Micad’s cloud based Space and Facilities Management software helps create a digital ecosystem of your facilities, based on 100% accurate space and asset data.

Empowering you with the insights you need to make strategic financial decisions, achieve compliance and demonstrate measurable ROI across your facility.

Click on the diagram to the right to explore the Micad ecosystem.

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